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Drop Arm
Full Protective-Hood
Semi Protective-Hood
Standard Manual
Santa Fe
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Drop Arm
Full Protective-Hood
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Semi Protective-Hood
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Standard Manual
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Description Don't be fooled by the name. These are some of the best value awnings you can buy in today's market. Similar in style to the Standard Manual but at an even cheaper price, the Budget option is the ultimate cost saving retractable awning. If you are looking for a shade solution in your own yard, but don't want to break the bank, look no further than a Budget Awning.If you are looking for something a bit different then a Drop Arm Awning might just be for you. Drop Arm Awnings make use of fixed arms rather than retractable ones. The angle of the awning can be adjusted from the horizontal to the vertical making them very versatile. They come with semi-protective hoods and they are a great option for placing over a window to keep heat out.The Full Protective Hood Awnings are the ultimate in luxury shade solutions. The protective hood will fully enclose the awning for complete protection during harsh weather conditions like snow, heavy rain and wind. Although the Full Protective option is the most expensive, it will last the longest and represents a fantastic investment.Our Semi-Protective Hood Awnings provide a shelter over the awning fabric when it is rolled in. This helps to prolong the life of the awning so you can get years of enjoyment out of it. More durable than the unprotected options but cheaper than the Full Protective Hood awnings - a great blend of value for money and extra fabric protection.The Standard Manual Awning does not come with a protective hood but it is still designed to the same high quality as all of our awnings. Made with fully retractable aluminum arms which allow the fabric to roll in completely for safe keeping. The perfect solution for covering a patio area without having to pay expensive custom-made charges. The twisted aluminium arms on the Santa Fe lend architectural elegance to any home or business which makes this awning ever-popular with garden designers and landscapers. The smooth slope of the fabric and the attention to detail in design make the Santa Fe an aesthetically pleasing choice. Tested to the usual standards of all our awnings, the Santa Fe is also fantastically durable.
Protective Hood No CassetteHalf CassetteFull CassetteHalf CassetteNo Cassette
Operation Manual onlyManual onlyManual or ElectricManual or ElectricManual only
Awning Size Range 2.0m - 4m1m - 3m2m - 6m1.5m - 4.5m1.5m - 5m W40.5" H31" D24"
Fabric Type 300gsm PU coated polyester180gsm PU coated polyester300gsm PU coated polyester300gsm PU coated polyester300gsm PU coated polyester
Available Colors Plain green
Green and white
Plain green, Green & white, Ivory, Multistripe, Terracotta, Yellow and Grey, Blue and WhiteChoice of 17 coloursChoice of 17 coloursChoice of 17 colours
Valence Detachable valance includedNo valanceDetachable valance includedDetachable valance includedDetachable valance included
Pitch 10-35°0-120°15-30°15-30°10-35°
Frame Powder Coated Aluminium Frame (White)Powder Coated Aluminium Frame (White)Powder Coated Aluminium Frame (White)Powder Coated Aluminium Frame (White)Powder Coated Aluminium Frame (White)
Awning Model Types Charleston
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Dallas Retro
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New Orleans
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San Francisco
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New Yorker
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Product Description The angled slope and scroll arms on the Charleston lend a modern European feel to this classy awning style. Yet the Charleston offers both style and substance as it has been tested to withstand serious weather conditions. It's ideal for creating a welcoming feel to the home when hung over any doorway. The Dallas Retro makes use of clean lines and simplistic design for a traditional awning style which looks perfectly at home on any building. The most affordable fixed awning style in our range is fantastic for offering sun protection at an unbeatable cost without sacrificing on quality. The spear arms and natural crescent curve of the fabric on the New Orleans make this a popular choice for restaurants, cafes and bars. The simple elegance of the New Orleans should not detract from the fact this sturdy awning has been built to the highest standards and tested to withstand serious wind and snow loads The Chicago is an elongated dome style awning offering simple elegance and reliable stability. The Chicago is the ideal awning for wet and windy regions as snow and rain will not pool on the curved dome of the awning fabric ensuring it runs off every time. The process helps maintain the quality of the fabric and use of the awning for years to come. The San Francisco is the perfect awning for traditionalists seeking a stylish and effective window shade solution. The most popular of our fixed awning styles, the San Francisco combines classic looks with sturdy build quality to create an awning which is equally at home in residential or commercial settings. The fixed, sturdy structure of the frame on which the New Yorker sits make this a great awning choice for use on all manner of residential facades. The clean design and affordable price combine to make the New Yorker one of our most popular stationary awning styles The Savannah lends a cascading waterfall effect which looks fantastic hung over a doorway or window. The Savannah is a popular model amongst store owners as it offers plenty of display room for signage and advertising opportunities. The Savannah is the ideal solution for welcoming visitors into your store.
Awning Size Range W40.5" H31" D24" W40.5" H31" D24" W40.5" H44" D24" W40.5" H31" D24" W40.5" H31" D24" W40.5" H31" D24" W40.5" H31" D24"
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  • Semi Protective-Hood
  • Standard Manual
  • Full Protective-Hood
  • Drop Arm
  • Budget
  • Charleston
  • Dallas Retro
  • New Orleans
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • New Yorker
  • Savannah
  • Santa Fe

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  • 3ft 0"
  • 3ft 3"
  • 4ft 0"
  • 4ft 11"
  • 5ft 0"
  • 6ft 0"
  • 6ft 7"
  • 8ft 2"
  • 9ft 10"
  • 11ft 6"
  • 13ft 1"
  • 14ft 9"
  • 16ft 5"
  • 19ft 8"

Colors Clear

  • Green and White Stripe
  • Blue Stripe
  • Yellow Stripe
  • Terracotta, Yellow and White
  • Olive
  • Burgundy
  • Bright Blue
  • Bright Blue and White Stripe
  • Brown
  • Brown and Tan Stripe
  • Burgundy and Tan Stripe
  • Tan
  • Green Stripe
  • Silver
  • Ivory
  • Multi-Stripe
  • Plain Green
  • Charcoal
  • Terracotta
  • Plain Dark Blue
  • Blue and White Stripe
  • Red and White Stripe
  • Yellow and Grey Stripe
  • Blue and Orange
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Tan and White Stripe

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